The first step in cultivating a personal relationship with yourself is ,.understanding  and accepting who you are, then defining who you want to become. For you to enhance your personal development,you must take note of the following fact. 1️⃣ Overcome your fear.😕😕😕😕 Fear is a feeling. it will prevent you from growing ,and also fromContinue reading “HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.”


CHALLENGES Challenges are part of our daily life,so it’s wise we prepare ahead for them. One thing we must know about life in general is that, challenges will definitely come therefore we must learn to overcome challenges so as to be overwhelmed when it arises again or a greater one rises up. 👉 challenges makesContinue reading “CHALLENGES”


When we talk about mental health we are talking about the well-being of an individual. Mental health has to do with the cognitive behaviour, and exchange of information or services. It has to do with emotional well-being, how we feel think and behave, it is also the process were we make use of words, sounds,Continue reading “MENTAL HEALTH”


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