In life ! For you to grow, you have to be consistent,and never give up on anything even when the situation is bad.

Come to think of it some people engage themselves into different things and when they find out it doesn’t work for them they switch to another level. That’s the problem with most of us,we refuse to be calm,but if what you are doing is right you can keep up with the good work ,but note this it may not produce results now but it will some day.

Discouragement will definitely come from parents, friends . But the power of consistent say; continue, never give up keeping going,as long as you are in line with your purpose and you know your goals on earth don’t give up .

The very moment you start following the part everyone is heading you loss your identity in the process. The only best thing,is know what’s best for you keep doing what you think is right and kick off from from there.

👉 Let them see how amazing you are in your own best amigo ,let yourself transform into a unique being that no one has ever seen or heard before.
👉◾ In all let your Godly 💓 heart guide you in finding your True self.

Published by edesesarah.wordpres.com

I am Sarah edese a writer , nutrionist, health specialist, motivational speaker,and one time purpose discovering coach.

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