The first step in cultivating a personal relationship with yourself is ,.understanding  and accepting who you are, then defining who you want to become.

For you to enhance your personal development,you must take note of the following fact.

1️⃣ Overcome your fear.πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Fear is a feeling. it will prevent you from growing ,and also from progressing.  Life often bring fear into the picture and so you feel like  giving up on your goals.. Come to think of it ,if you are afraid of taking risk, you can never get to   the top .

The first thing you must know is that fear doesn’t come from God .2 timothy 1:7 One thing about fear is that it causes people who should be bold and aggressive to shrink back.

FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT QUOTE;The one thing we must fear is fear itself; for indeed if we allow it,it will control us.If we confront it ,we will master it.

The best thing is  to grow, and learn new things, things that you might not be comfortable with .

Note: When you follow the plans of God for conquering fear ,you will find one day that the things which frightened you the most were really nothing at all.

2️⃣.Learn from others; You learn everyday,you gain knowledge everyday.Learn from people who inspire you, people who add value to your life , people who motivates you.This person’s could be , family members, Coach,mentors , supervisor or better still a public figure.All you need do is identify the quality you admire in them and replicate those qualities in your daily life.

3️⃣ Improve your skills; Cultivate the habit of reading, reading expand your knowledge and vocabulary and keeps you informed,not just that it stimulate your mind and improve your critical thinking skills .Learn to ask for feedback from friends, colleague use their positive comments to find a way to improve yourself.


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I am Sarah edese a writer , nutrionist, health specialist, motivational speaker,and one time purpose discovering coach.

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