What can I do to grow?

Very often, people define growth as an irreversible increase in size but while this is correct and profound, it really isn’t all there is to growth.

I’d love to say that growth is not just an increase in size but an increase in Strategic areas of our lives which does not only cover the physical but the emotional as well as the spiritual.

Growth is a very neccessary aspect of everyone’s life and it cannot be avoided.

Whether or not you are aware of it or deliberatly applying effort to grow, you grow either ways.

You should consider growing strategically because change is constant and whether you like it or not, you cannot remain in one spot forever so it’s only great that you put time into growing strategically towards achieving your goals.

In this sense, while I advice that you grow strategically, I realize than many have an issue or two with growing strategically.

Some do not know how to and others….

How do one grow?

Very often, a lot of people throw this question at themselves, to their friends or to no one in particular.

Some persons do not really know what they
should do in order to grow strategically despite their knowledge on growth been unstoppable.

Growth can be experienced by just anyone but strategic growth are for those who have made a concious decision to strategically grow towards achieving their goals and living Purpose as well as putting in the required hardwork needed for this.

So the question has moved from how can I grow? TO how can I grow Strategically?

In a bid to answer this question, I’ll be listing out some things you can do in order to grow Strategically….

*Make a decision to Grow.

*Work on your mindset

*Discover the area of your life where you want to build your growth around.

*Discover the processes you need to grow in your chosen area.

*Discover the tools you need to grow in your chosen area.

*Start with what you have and be Consistent.

*Strike a balance between all your growth areas.

*Discover your power network.

*Be patient.

*Work on your habits.

*Be teachable

*Keep record of your growth process.

*Discipline yourself to stay through the process.

*Stay humble.

Published by edesesarah.wordpres.com

I am Sarah edese a writer , nutrionist, health specialist, motivational speaker,and one time purpose discovering coach.

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